Untitled Art Names Over 160 Exhibitors for Upcoming Miami Beach Edition

The Untitled Art fair will have more than 160 exhibitors at its upcoming edition in Miami Beach later this year. The fair will run December 6 to December 10, with a VIP preview on December 5, on the sands of Miami Beach (near Ocean Drive and 12th Street).

This year’s program reflects a renewed commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, according to the fair. The event will have two themes: “Gender Equality in the Arts” and “Curating in the Digital Age.”

The 2023 edition of Untitled will be the fair’s largest to date, with a 15 percent increase in exhibitors from last year and a special “Nest” sector dedicated to emerging art spaces and nonprofits, through which Untitled provides subsidized booths. Galleries in the Nest section include Bogotá’s Casa Hoffman, Miami’s Dimensions Variable, Buenos Aires’s PASTO, and more.

In addition, 35 percent of the exhibitors and nearly 60 percent of the artists they are showing identify as female or non-binary, according to Untitled, while 37 percent of artists and 23 percent of exhibitors identify as BIPOC, Latin American, or Asian. Exhibitors hail from 39 different countries stretching from South America to Africa to Europe.

Vortic will again serve as the fair’s digital partner and sponsor the Vortic Prize for digital innovation, while the e-commerce site Platform will support this year’s Nest Prize, to go to one of the Nest galleries.

The full exhibitor list follows below († Indicates galleries participating in the fair’s ‘Nest’ sector):

1969 Gallery (New York, NY)
31 PROJECT (Paris, France)
50 GOLBORNE (London, United Kingdom)
ada gallery (Richmond, VA)
AFIKARIS (Paris, France)
albertz benda (New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA)
Allouche Benias Gallery (Athens, Greece)
ALMA PEARL (London, United Kingdom)
Althuis Hofland Fine Arts† (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Anna Erickson Presents (Nashville, TN)
ANNA ZORINA GALLERY (New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA)
Aperture† (New York, NY)
Asya Geisberg Gallery (New York, NY)
Badr El Jundi (Madrid, Spain)
Benrubi Gallery (New York, NY)
Bienvenu Steinberg & J (New York, NY)
Bill Arning Exhibitions (New York, NY)
bitforms gallery (New York, NY)
Blouin Division (Montréal / Toronto, Canada)
C O U N T Y (Palm Beach, FL)
CARL KOSTYÁL (London, United Kingdom / Stockholm, Sweden / Milan, Italy)
Casa Hoffmann† (Bogotá, Colombia)
Casa Quién† (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
CHART (New York, NY)
Chiquita Room† (Barcelona, Spain)
CHRISTINE PARK GALLERY (New York, NY/Shanghai, China)
Cirrus Gallery & Cirrus Editions Ltd (Los Angeles, CA)
COHJU contemporary art (Kyoto, Japan)
CONSTITUCIÓN† (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
CULT Aimee Friberg (San Francisco, CA)
CURRO (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Daniela Elbahara† (Mexico City, Mexico)
Danziger Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)
David B. Smith Gallery (Denver, CO)
Denny Gallery (New York, NY / Hong Kong)
Dimensions Variable† (Miami, FL)
Dinner Gallery (New York, NY)
Dio Horia (Athens, Greece)
Double V Gallery (Marseille / Paris, France)
Duarte Sequeira (Braga, Portugal / Seoul, Korea)
EBONY/CURATED (Cape Town / Franschhoek, South Africa)
El Apartamento (La Habana, Cuba / Madrid, Spain)
El Kilómetro† (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Emerson Dorsch (Miami, FL)
ESPACIO MINIMO (Madrid, Spain)
FABIENNE LEVY (Geneva / Lausanne, Switzerland)
Fragment (New York, NY)
Fran Reus (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
Fridman Gallery (New York, NY)
Galeria Foco† (Lisbon, Portugal)
Galeria MPA (Madrid, Spain)
galerie charlot (Paris, France / Tel Aviv, Israel)
Galerie Forsblom (Helsinki, Finland) Galerie Michael Janssen (Berlin, Germany)
Galerie Nicolas Robert (Montréal / Toronto, Canada)
GALLERIA STUDIO G7 (Bologna, Italy)
Gallery 1957 (London, United Kingdom)
Gallery NOSCO (Brussels, Belgium)
Gallery Rosenfeld (London, United Kingdom)
Geary (Millerton, NY)
Gisela Projects (New York, NY)
GOLESTANI† (Düsseldorf, Germany)
HAGD Contemporary (Aalborg, Denmark)
Herlitzka & Co. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
High Noon (New York, NY)
Huxley-Parlour (London, United Kingdom)
Il Chiostro (Saronno, Italy)
Jane Lombard Gallery (New York, NY)
JARILAGER Gallery (Cologne, Germany / London, United Kingdom / Seoul, Korea)
JD Malat Gallery (London, United Kingdom)
Jecza (Timisoara, Romania)
Johansson Projects (Oakland, CA)
Jonathan Carver Moore (San Francisco, CA)
Jupiter (Miami Beach, FL)
K Contemporary (Denver, CO)
Kalashnikovv Gallery (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Ketabi Bourdet (Paris, France)
kó (Lagos, Nigeria)
Kravets Wehby Gallery (New York, NY)
L21 Gallery (Palma de Mallorca / Barcelona, Spain)
LA BALSA ARTE (Bogotá / Medellín, Colombia)
LAMB Gallery (London, United Kingdom / São Paulo, Brazil)
Laney Contemporary (Savannah, GA) LatchKey Gallery (New York, NY)
Lazy Mike (Riga, Latvia)
LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, Columbia University† (New York, NY)
Les filles du calvaire (Paris, France)
Library Street Collective (Detroit, MI)
LUCE GALLERY (Turin, Italy) LUNETTA 11 (Mombarcaro, Italy)
Lyndsey Ingram (London, United Kingdom)
Marisa Newman Projects (New York, NY)
Massey Klein (New York, NY)
Max Estrella (Madrid, Spain)
MKG127 (Toronto, Canada)
Morgan Lehman Gallery (New York, NY)
Negrón Pizzaro (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
NIL GALLERY (Paris, France)
Niru Ratnam (London, United Kingdom)
No Man’s Art Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
NOME† (Berlin, Germany)
NOPLACE — Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo (Mexico City, Mexico),
Nueveochenta (Bogotá, Colombia)
NORDÉS† (Santiago de Compostela / A Coruña, Spain)
Nunu Fine Art (Taipei City, Taiwan / New York, NY)
Pablo’s Birthday (New York, NY)
PASTO† (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London, United Kingdom)
PIBI GALLERY (Seoul, Korea)
PIERMARQ* (Sydney, Australia)
PLAN X (Milan / Capri, Italy)
PM/AM (London, United Kingdom)
PORTAS VILASECA (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art (Milwaukee, WI)
Praise Shadows Art Gallery (Brookline, MA)
Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Richard Koh Fine Art (Singapore / Bangkok, Thailand / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Rivalry Projects (Buffalo, NY)
Ronchini Gallery (London, United Kingdom)
Room57 Gallery (New York, NY)
SAENGER GALERIA (Mexico City, Mexico)
SANATORIUM (Istanbul, Turkey)
SAPAR Contemporary (New York, NY)
SARAI Gallery (Mahshahr / Tehran, Iran)
School of Visual Arts Galleries (New York, NY)
Sean Horton (New York, NY)
SECCI Gallery (Florence / Milan / Pietrasanta, Italy)
Selenas Mountain† (New York, NY)
SEPTEMBER (Kinderhook, NY)
SGR Galería (Bogotá, Colombia)
Sim Smith (London, United Kingdom)
SKETCH† (Bogotá, Colombia)
Southern Guild (Cape Town, South Africa)
Steve Turner (Los Angeles, CA)
TEMA Projects† (Vilnius, Lithuania)
TENDER (Brooklyn, NY)
TERN Gallery (Nassau, Bahamas)
THE PILL® (Istanbul, Turkey)
THEO (Seoul, Korea)
VERVE† (São Paulo, Brazil)
Victoria Miro Projects (London, United Kingdom)
VIGIL GONZALES† (Cusco, Peru / Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Vigo Gallery (London, United Kingdom)
Voloshyn Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
WHATIFTHEWORLD (Cape Town, South Africa)
WIZARD (Milan, Italy)
Woaw Gallery (Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, China)
Yancey Richardson (New York, NY)
YI GALLERY (Brooklyn, NY)
Yossi Milo Gallery (New York, NY)
Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery (Dubai, UAE / Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / Paris, France)
ZieherSmith (Nashville, TN)
Zielinsky (Barcelona, Spain / São Paulo, Brazil)
Zilberman (Istanbul, Turkey)