Art History Get (Another) Rewrite at the Second-Ever Independent 20th Century

The second-ever Independent 20th Century art fair in New York, dedicated to artists and during that timeframe, has returned in reliably elegant form.

This edition is again held at the Battery Maritime Building at the southern tip of Manhattan, steps from the Staten Island ferry send-off. It runs through September 10, coinciding with the Armory Show, which looms like an extravaganza of excess compared to this svelte affair. Like the inaugural edition, 32 exhibitors are spread across a single floor, from Vito Schnabel Gallery, to Venus Over Manhattan, and the Hauser & Wirth Institute, the nonprofit arm of the same-name mega-gallery.

It was difficult to choose the best booths, as most offer an opportunity to get acquainted with lesser-known avant-garde movements, or talented individuals who didn’t make the final cut of art history. For every Warhol and Picasso, there is a cheery, sideways still life by the undersung German-born Edith Schloss (Alexandre), or a slick silhouette by the Italian artist Sergio Lombardo (1/9unosunove). If you’re willing to pay the $45 admission fee, below are a few other booths to seek out.